Becoming a customer

More and more hospitals have recognised the significant added value of becoming a UL Medicines customer because we understand their exact clinical requirements and continuously meet their expectations.

UL Medicines is a leading supplier of high quality imported unlicensed medicines, specials and batch-made specials to both NHS and private hospitals throughout the UK.

Our customers choose us because we focus on –


Our primary aim is to provide our customers with an all-round quality experience in the supply of unlicensed imported medicines and specials. We understand the associated risks in purchasing and supplying an unlicensed medicine and we take all the necessary steps to mitigate these risks with our comprehensive Quality Management Systems.


Being part of the Quantum Pharma Group allows us to offer our customers the broadest range of high quality imported unlicensed medicines, sterile and non-sterile specials.  With a portfolio of over 22,000 products we are able to source, manufacture and supply whatever product you require.


Unlicensed medicines – This is what we do. We are a leading MHRA licensed, NHS-audited, supplier of unlicensed imported medicines, specials and batch-made specials capable of supplying regularly requested products – anywhere in the UK – within 24 hours.


We have built our enviable reputation by ensuring our customers receive high quality competitively priced products and a prompt service from a knowledgeable and supportive customer service team.


Our customers recognise the consistent quality of the products we supply. Supported with the appropriate documentation including product profiles, certificates of analysis and English translated patient information leaflets.


We understand and recognise that the products we source and supply are for patients with special clinical needs, which drives us to operate to the highest possible ethical, professional and business standards ensuring we always maintain patient safety as a priority in all we do.