Maintaining Quality Within The Specials Industry

Following the Carter Report and objectives raised by the Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) UL Medicines have noticed some distinct changes within the specials industry. The NHS are moving to standardise specials. Through standardisation the NHS are looking to reduce variations, increase the standard of quality and lower overall costs.

These national incentives give commercial special manufactures the opportunity to assist with the overall changes while providing a quality, value-adding service. However, as many specials providers appear to offer the same service and quality of product how do you (the hospital pharmacy) choose the supplier that is right for you and your patients?

Important Questions to Ask Suppliers:

  1. Is a full list of excipients available?

  2. Does your supplier offer free next-day delivery?

  3. How many quality checks do each of the manufactured lines pass through during the manufacturing process?

  4. How is shelf life set?

  5. Can the raw materials be tested in-house?

  6. Who do I contact in the event of a technical query or pharmacovigilance issue?

By asking these questions hospital pharmacies gain full confidence that products received are compliant, delivered promptly and to the highest quality, and not only that, but that there is full support available at all times when the pharmacy may need it during opening hours, such as technical product advice and delivery information.

For any further queries surrounding specials quality please do not hesitate to call your specials supplier or the UL Medicines team on 0800 1123363.