UK Shortages List 2019

Helping health care professionals source alternatives effectively

At UL Medicines we understand that the process of dealing with UK drug shortages can be extremely time consuming.

Our annual customer survey* revealed that UL Medicines customers are spending (on average) 38% of their working week sourcing as a result of drug shortages, with some respondents spending as much as 50%!

This led us to ask ourselves; is the current mode of learning about drug shortages as effective as it could be? When asked how our customers currently find out about UK drug shortages, the majority indicated it was through wholesalers, with other hospitals and the Department of Health coming a close second and third. It is for this reason we have launched our own searchable, 2018 UK Drug Shortage list that provides information about the latest shortage supply problems and information for Hospital Pharmacies. 

Use our UK drug shortages platform to: 

  • Stay current
  • Save time
  • Maintain continuity of supply


Alternatively you can contact our team directly:

Freephone: 0800 112 3363



*Survey conducted through November 2017 to January 2018. Based on a total of 36 responses from confirmed UL Medicine customers.